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Future Lawyers (FL) is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and educating youth on the journey of a law career. Founded in August 2019 by Amy Li and Lauren Koek, our goal remains to bridge the gap in opportunities in medicine, STEM, and Law - we realized there were many opportunities for students interested in Medicine and STEM, but none in Law. As a youth non-profit, we want to inspire, empower and educate future lawyers on everything they need and want to know. 


Our mission is to provide youth with a valuable opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the legal field and what it takes to have a successful future career in law. By partaking in our conferences, attendees will learn how to get into law school, network with like-minded peers, receive insights and practice for the LSAT, learn about various fields of law and possible career trajectories, and receive a myriad of useful tips and advice from reputable lawyers, judges, and members of parliament.


Students interested in a career in medicine have several yearly conferences that they can attend to help them on their journey; however, until now, nothing has existed for aspiring law students. Finally, there is a conference that will inspire, empower, and educate future lawyers on all they need and want to know about the field. It is not to be missed as participating will give students an inside view into their chosen career and how to achieve success.

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