Dr. Karine Rashkovsky has made a big splash in the world of progressive education by founding and directing Brain Power (, Canada's award-winning enrichment learning programs. Brain Power has not only educated (and continues to educate) thousands of select bright and talented students (Canada's future leaders from grades 1 through 12) from across Canada, but has also sent them around the world to pursue leadership opportunities in Ivy League academia, medicine, law, engineering, entrepreneurship, data science, and creative industries, to name a few. Now, Brain Power has opened up to the world - with its virtual programs - students from across the globe are benefiting from the best educational programs available for academically-advanced students.

At Brain Power, Karine leads a large team of diverse Ph.D. educators in providing transformative academic programming at Brain Power -- where they teach subjects such as Aerospace Engineering, Public Speaking & Persuasion, Math Olympiad Training, and Mechanics of Writing (note: Brain Power provides professional improv comedy training to all staff to ensure students are both challenged by the unique curriculum and entertained by their expert instructors). Karine is a judge for both NASA's prestigious UofT Space Hackathon and Canada's #1 Inspirational Public Speaking competition (Speaker Slam), and she is an Ontario VBEC mentor and professional speaker, academic, and educator (Ontario Institute for Education - Master Classes - University of Toronto; SSHRC - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - Insight Grant). She has also won and been nominated for many awards: Toronto City MOGUL 2019. CSPN Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, Top Entrepreneur City of Vaughan 2019, Top Business CIty of Vaughan 2018, Passion Into Practice Award York Region 2018, and Royal Bank of Canada Women of Influence 2013 - 2020.