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Thank you for choosing to allow your students to partake in our future lawyers’ certification program!


1. Students scroll through our website and decide which videos they may want to watch

2. Students then proceed to watch the videos and take notes on the important points of the video

3. Students then can proceed to complete the quizzes on a section of a video; timestamps are provided to help students find the answers.

4. Teachers check the scores of the students and provide them with a checkmark in their box if they have passed the 80% - students will have to show you the screenshot of their score / you will be able to check their scores.  

5. Once students have successfully completed 4, they get a certificate!



1. Make a copy of the Student Checkbox and share it with students 

2. Lead students to to decide on the videos that they want 

3. Make a copy of the forms that your students are interested in, and share the link with them to complete the quizzes 

4. Monitor the scores and provide check marks to students who have passed the quizzes with at least an 80%

5. After students have passed 4 quizzes, they will be awarded a certificate - teachers are able to edit the pdf and save it with the students’ names.

6. Provide Future Lawyers with feedback on how they can improve the certification program, or if you have any other ideas that Future Lawyers could help with, we would be more than happy. 

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